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eeadl_logoThe previous ten International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Domestic Appliances and Lighting (EEDAL) conferences have been very successful in attracting an international audience. EEDAL has established itself as an influential and recognized international event to discuss the progress achieved and latest developments in technologies, behavioral aspects and policies. EEDAL is the venue to establish new collaborations and synergies and build international partnerships among stakeholders dealing with residential energy consumption equipment, metering and lighting (manufacturers, consumers, governments, utilities, international organizations, academia and research).



The International Symposium on Science and Technology of Lighting (LS-series) has been held regularly since 1975 and provides a unique forum for the worldwide community of engineers and scientists from the lighting industry, research organizations and academia to share and exchange the latest progress on Science and Technology of Lighting. LS has a more than 40-year history since the 1st LS (LS:1) in 1975 in Loughborough, United Kingdom, and 2021 will be the 17th time that this event will recombine.

In 2022, June 1st to 3rd, for the first time, the two conferences will be held jointly in Toulouse, France, on the campus of Toulouse 3 University. The aim is to bring the two communities in contact: the LS community, which has been active in lighting systems, expanding to smart and human-centric lighting, and the EEDAL community, which has been focusing on among others in energy efficiency for domestic appliances including lighting. This joint event will provide a unique forum to discuss and debate the latest developments in energy and environmental impact of residential appliances and lighting, heating and cooling equipment, electronics, smart appliances, smart meters, consumer behavior, the policies and programs both adopted and planned. This interaction will give birth, for sure, to new successful collaborations.


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September 30: Deadline for MDPI SOUSTAINABILITY Journal is extended to November 30th (EEDAL papers only)

July 6th -Guidelines for preparing and submitting the final papers are now available Final Paper Publication Guidelines tab - ATTENTION - new link to upload your fina PDFs !

June 15th - All registered delegates can replay all sessions on demande through the conference platform till September 2nd, 2022 - look at lateral tab 'Replay On Demand' for instructions.

June 3rd - Authors will receive by mail information about different options for publishng their full papers, within the next two weeks - look also regularly this web page.

May 27th: Special Open Panel sessions are announced here

May 23rd: Instructions for remote partiicipation are posted to delegates. Remote & In-Person delagates action required and can be found here

May 20th: Conference rooms exact location inside the campus posted at: "Venue" Tab & Gala Dinner location is here

May 20th: Final abstract's booklets with ISBN can now at the Abstract Booklets lateral Tab

May 2nd: Conference program can be found in 'Program' Tab

Concernig requirements for travel to France, the conditions ara upbated every week, to follow the lastest news please refer to the government page.

May 13th: Links for uploading the presentations heve been mailed to the presenters (if didn't received send a request to

April 5th- Guidelines & Template for presenters/speakers are now accessible under "Guidelines for Speakers" tab.




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